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The Great Father

Release date: 30 March 2017

Directed & Written by : Haneef Adeni
Produced by : Prithviraj Sukumaran, Santosh Sivan, Arya, Shaji Nadesan
Music : Gopi Sunder
Background Score : Sushin Shyam
Production company : August Cinema

The Great Father 2.5/5

One of the most anticipated release which was foretold as a grand come back vehicle for the Mega Star Mammootty hit the screens today to the terrific atmosphere set by the ardent fans and followers who were impressed by the hysteria the film was able to create through different phases of its promotion.

It was evident from the makers that they tried to present this film as a family subject towards the end of the promotion campaigns, and such a confusion from them exactly is the main draw back this film possesses amidst of being a socially relevant subject

An unforseen issue shakes up the family of David Nainan who leads a peaceful family life with his wife and kid Sara David who consider her father as a Superhero and how David has to live up to that tag to avenge the mishap forms the Crux.

Script and Direction
While the first half took ever to build up and stretch snail paced, it was the punch lines and slightly racy screenplay in the second half proved to be a saving factor. Although, it won't be wrong saying this was a decent debut from the director/scripter Haneef Adani. The style quotient he oozed out from the lead actor was mesmerizing while he could not actually hold on to the substance part and fell flat with a loose climax. The confusion to mix different genres with this subject was evident and this would have been a better output if handled by an experienced hand, yet a filmmaker to look out for.

Cast and Performance
Mammootty gave his all and shouldered the movie being its core and soul. Scored big time in emotional scenes and the macho man style he carries helped a lot in forming Nainan who was indeed the backbone of this movie.

Aarya's addition to the cast was interesting from day one the stills were out and was looking towards to see how he would perform with one of the pillars of the industry, but he could not live up to the expectations. Looked uncomfortable with the role and confused with the emoting, Aarya gave a feel that his character look isolated.

Sneha, Miya, Malavika and Baby Anikha were the lead ladies and came out with okayish portrayal of their characters.

Last and least, the biggest disappointment popped in the form of the antagonist and the way Haneef designed the revelation of that character towards the climax, which was abrupt and spoiled the escalating mood once the second half started.

Songs and Background Score
Sushin Shyam's themes scored over Gopisundar's songs by a clear lead. The better one out of the two songs were indeed the second one, "Kaiveesi enne" which plays write after one of the remarkable emotional scene in the movie and was rendered fine by Vijay Yesudas. 

The other technical aspects were extravagant considering the Industry limits and the makers took at most care to present Mammootty as stylish as they could, be it through frames, slow motioned shots, impressive costumes and looks. 

While The Great Father gives a feeling of a remix of other movies with similar subjects in a grey shade, what works for this movie is the hysteria it created before its release.

With that said, that won't be enough for this movie to sustain this busy festival season and while Mammootty's whole hearted efforts could definitely help, The Great Father falls short of what was expected out to be and ends up as an average revenge drama which is an okay one time watchable movie, big thanks to a slightly better second half and the punch lines Haneef had in store for Megastar to utter