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Take Off

Release date : 24 March 2017
Story, Direction : Mahesh Narayan
Produced by : Anto Joseph, Shebin Backer, Megha
Screenplay, Dialogues : Mahesh Narayan, P V Shaji Kumar
Music by : Shaan Rahman
Cinematography : Sanu John Varghese
Production company : Anto Joseph Film Company in association with Rajesh Pillai Films

Take Off 3.5/5


A cinematic take on the rescue mission of 46 Indian nurses from a battle-hit Iraq in 2014

Script and Direction
Renowned film editor Mahesh Narayan's second outing as a script writer is uptight right from the beginning as the movie takes a lot of time simmering before taking off towards the anticipated heating point.

Being too melodramatic, if not for final twenty minutes, this movie however succeeds in ending at the right note evoking a sense of satisfaction in the viewers, thanks to the patriotic factor and the real life influence the movie possesses.

Cast and Performances
It was Parvathy's Sameera the back bone of the script and she did complete justice to the character she was offered with controlled emotions holding together every scenes she featured, if not could have went overboard.

Fahad Fasil's return to the screen after more than a year was again through a note worthy performance. It was after his entry, TAKE OFF really took off to the satisfying elevation it ended.

Kunjako Boban supported the lady lead well enough, so were the other supporting cast including a short cameo by Asif Ali.

Cinematography/Technical expertise
Shot in various parts of Dubai, the film never gave a feeling of been told from the Las Vegas of Middle East. Suitably colored frames and sets did give a feeling that we are around a real war zone. 

Music and BGM
There were three songs composed by Gopisundar and Shan Rahman and especially the BGM scored by the former supplemented well in the elevation of the movie. The scores towards the climax tail were really pride evoking.

While Take off is certainly a remarkable effort from its makers, its low pace and melodramatic first half could serve as the bummers. If you could tolerate these, go have a watch and we assure you that you will leave the halls with a sense of satisfaction.