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Sachin : A Billion Dreams

Release date : 26 May 2017

Directed by : James Erskine

Produced by : Ravi Bhagchandka, Carnival Motion Pictures

Written by : James Erskine, Sivakumar Ananth

Music by : A. R. Rahman

Edited by : Avdhesh Mohla

Production company : 200 NotOut Productions

What can be told about the legendary Sachin Tendulkar that the world doesn’t already know? Well, a lot   let’s get one thing off the bat straight away – this isn’t a commercial biopic, with a dramatic account of an inspiring individual’s life story.  It’s a documentary told through years of carefully compiled footage; interviews by friends, family, and other cricketers and narrated by the legend himself. 

The movie revolves around a young, 10 year-old Sachin watching Indian Cricket Team lifting the World Cup Champions Trophy in the air in 1983. Cut to 26 years, he was the one enacting the same all by himself in 2011! Sachin Tendulkar plays himself in the movie and reveals some hidden aspects of his life.

Script and Direction
The script designed by director James Erskine and Sivakumar Ananth seamlessly encapsulates Sachin's life with archived footages from his personal videos, cricket matches, news clips and clips from various talking heads  give a fair insight into the life of Sachin.

Cast and Performance
This is a documentary where actors getting into the skin of their real-life counterparts. Sachin plays himself, a narrator and commentator who walks us through his life. 

Music, BGM & Other Aspects
Music &  BGM,  what to say? When the 'Master' is on screen, the 'Mozart of Madras' was fabulous behind the screen. Being a docu-film the editing was crisp by Avdhesh Mohla. TV footage were synced perfectly with the movie. Cinematography was commendable in the film.

This movie will take us on a journey of a man from Mumbai but it will also take us on a journey of India  a rooted, humble story of tremendous success. It will inspire everyone to scream out “Sachin, Sachin..” once again.