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Role Models

Release date : 25 June 2017

Directed by : Rafi

Written by : Rafi

Music : Gopi Sundar

Cinematography : Shamdat Sainudheen

Editor : V Saajan

Distributed by : Phars Films & Tricolor Entertainment

Fahad Fasil in a full fledged lead role after the gem Maheshinte Prathikaaram and the maiden association with Rafi, one of the directors who has produced some of the finest yesteryear comedy blockbusters was quite a thing to look forward.

Less said better about the movie meeting the expectations, this turned out to be the biggest let down among Fahad's recent movies with it's tedious run over two hours.

Plot :
Gautam's parents are worried about how loner their son has become over the years after a tragic incident in his College life and seeking help of his friends who were once blamed for the mischievous nature of the gang, back then.

Cast and Performance :
Fahad Fasil who is reputed for his fine performances, no matter what the outcome of his movies sealed that reputation once again and that's it regarding the pros of the movie.
If not his presence on screen, everything was nothing short of mess, contributed equally by the likes of Sharafudheen, Vinayakan, Vinay Fort, Namitha, Renji Paniker and Rafi himself. 

There were two cameos in this movies done by Sidheeq and Harishree Ashokan, with the latter reprising one of his iconic character again for a brief 5 minutes and the former's presence being an unintentional comedy. 

Script and Direction:
A good result for Rafi in the virtue of Role Models is that he made a couple of his previous films (RingMaster and ChinaTown) look a lot better suddenly. 

His decision to try his hands in acting in every film he is a part these days make things worse, least said. 

It looks like life would have been a lot easier while in theaters if some duos had not made up their mind to part their ways. 

Songs and Bgm:
Gopisundar's intensity towards big canvas movies is evident these days as he comes out with class works for those films and pretty ordinary works for others. If not for a hummable duet featuring Fahad and Namitha in second half, the music department of the movie is a colossal flop. 

Technical Expertise :
Nothing much to boast of with technical aspects the movie possessed, but Shamdath Sainudheen's capturing of Goa is  worth a mentioning.

Overall :
If you were a fan of Rafi who was a part of the duo who had made some superb entertainers in the form of Puthukottayile Puthumanavaalan, Superman, Punjabi House and Thenkashipattanam, be quick and grab tickets for this movie so that you might go back and watch the other movies mentioned back to back for a quick salvation.