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Oru Mexican Aparatha

Release date : 3 March 2017
Directed by : Tom Emmatty
Produced by : Anoop Kannan
Written by : Tom Emmatty
Music by : Manikandan Ayyappan
Cinematography : Prakash Velayudhan
Production company : Anoop Kannan Stories

Oru Mexican Aparatha 3/5

Right from the release of promo song to latest mock teaser, Oru Mexican Apaaratha had presented everything that would make a movie buff to wait for its release. Did the film which got released today amidst of huge hype live up to the expectations? Let's find out!

Loosely based on the triumph of Kerala Students Union after ages in Maharaja's College Ernakulam, Oru Mexican Apaaratha appears to be an adaptation of that real incident on reel with SFY (representing Students Federation of India) playing the lead. 

Script and Direction
Debutant Tom Emmatty has pulled off a decent effort with the realistic portrayal of characters on screen filled with even proportion of cinematic elements. However, he could not back up that effort with a strong script. One could say that the film missed the much needed fire or punch that should have been driving the proceedings big time.

The characteristic features of the left union organisation as we know of seemed to be altered to match the adapted storyline which most could not digest and hence backfired slightly, if not would have been thoroughly enjoyable.

Cast and Performances 
Tovino Thomas is currently hailed as the most promising upcoming star of the industry and the viewers were eagerly waiting for his portrayal of the dual characters for long. Has to say that he did fine as Paul Varghese and Kochaniyan. Giving distinctive body language for both characters while being natural and determined, Tovino's first real entry as a Mollywood main stream hero is noteworthy

The revelation however was Roopesh Peethambaran, the most remarkable and most pen-backed character in this movie who made a greater impact than all the characters featured in the film.

Neeraj Madhav also got a transformation from his usual side kick roles to one of the main leads and by far, this should be the meatiest character he has ever signed and justified it with a neat performance. 

Other cast including Gayatri Suresh, Kalabhavan Shajon, Hareesh Peradi etc given their usual self while there were some remarkable fresh faces who contributed well.

Songs, BGM and Cinematography
Manikandan Ayyappan's songs were hits even before the movie got released. However, the chart buster of the album " Kalippu..katta kalippu" was only included in bits and pieces if not used while the end credits rolling.

Back ground music was good, not loud and synced well with the crux of the movie and the frames set by Prakash Velayudhan. 

Though this movie had all potential that could have made it to give a much better output, Oru Mexican Apaaratha misses to hit the bull's eye slightly and level down the edge it had over the other movie which got released today.

However, one cannot rule out the chances for the film to score big at the Box Office as it caters its target audience well enough.