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Release February 10 2017
Directed by: Jay K
Written by: Manu Gopal, Jay K
Produced by: A.V Anoop, Mukesh R. Mehta, C. V. Sarathy
Music by: Rahul Raj, Sushin Shyam
Cinematography by: Sujith Vaassudev
Distributed by: E4 Entertainment

Ezra Index

Ezra is excellent from the debutant director Jay. K. The first half of the movie stands out as the best crafted and well packaged build-up for a suspense horror thriller in recent years.


Prthiviraj plays the role of a young man who works for a company which deals with the management of nuclear wastes from the three nuclear power plants in South India. Priya is the wife character, who is basically an interior designer. These two are the core of the film. Their transfer from Mumbai to Kochi and the purchase of an antique ‘Dybbuk box’ is the beginning. Rest of the movie is about the issues being caused by the Dybbuk, whose Dybbuk is inside the box and the things they have to resolve.

Script and Direction

The script penned by director Jay and Manu gopal is almost a good script with a few twists in the tail. One can’t complain about the movie for being typical because almost all the horror genre falls into the same category. Direction was excellent as there were no instances of pasting a debutant tag on the director.

Cast and Performance

The lead cast were excellent. Cameo by Babu Antony was good and the makeover of Sujith Sankar as Marcus was the same. Alencier Lopez and Pratap K. Pothen also played their parts well.Tovino in the role of ACP Shafeer was an apt choice.

Camera, Music & Other Technical Sides

One of the main highlight of the Movie is Sujith Vaassudev’s cinematography. It was in top notch. Lailakame is the only song done by Rahul Raj in the film. It’s already in the chartbusters this year. Other two songs and BGM was done by Sushin Syam was good. The color grading of the movie was excellent and so was the art department.


Even if the latter half of the movie resembles with the horror genre templates, the movie is definitely worth a watch. The unknown plot of Jewish culture and the surrounding makes the movie interesting. Jay had made his mark on the film industry with his very first film.